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Tooth Extraction and Healing
Time Comparison of Treatment
Extraction + Collagen graft +Implant
Day 0
Clot in socket
Collagen acts like rebar for clot
Implant volume reduces size of clot
Day 5
Clot shrinks and separates exposing bone
Revascularization and gingival closure starts
Clot is rapidly vital
Day 30
Thin facial alveolar bone disappears
Gingiva healed, bone actively forming
Bone actively forming, implant integrating
Day 90
Bone is still forming
Bone healing complete
Implant ready to restore
Concl. Gingiva loss and bone loss requires grafting. Treatment time and cost increased Site ready for implantation in 2-3 months Immediate implant placement speeds up treatment and best preserves gingival contour